Catholic Order of Foresters

Catholic Order of Foresters

Since 1883, Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) has provided members with outstanding financial protection in the form of quality life insurance and annuities. Our added-value fraternal benefits are what set us apart from other insurance companies offering similar financial products.

Membership comes through the purchase of COFs’ financial products. Members have the opportunity to enjoy wholesome family activities through a local court and receive our quarterly Catholic Forester magazine.


Local COF members are organized into a group called St. Paul Court 1416. Check the church bulletin for meeting dates and times.

Court activities for adult members are available on an intermittent basis and adhere to the themes of charity by embracing our faith and supporting our Catholic community. Our local court meetings are held monthly (except for June, July and December) to discuss and plan member activities and to plan and help local individuals and families. We also discuss ways to meet needs in our parish and community.

We have a very active youth court whose purpose is to engage our youth in social activities while sharing the common goal of embracing our Catholic values.


COF is actively serving the community, our school and parish with local court members through fraternal outreach projects. Here’s a brief listing of Court 1416’s recent outreach accomplishments.


  •   Collected canned goods for the Feeding God’s Children/Feed the Children Campaign (Delivered to local food bank)

  •   Donated funds to a member family to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van

  •   Raised funds to help a local family’s catastrophic loss due to fire


  •   Installed an automatic door opener for the handicapped to access the church

  •   Replaced the church bell timer to reactivate regular sounding bells during the day

  •   Made donations to the parish maintenance fund

  •   Shared in building the Helping Hands parking lot

  •   Contributed to remodeling the school kitchen

  •   Replaced the church vestibule roof

  •   Purchased classroom smart boards and laptop computers

  •   Updated school fire alarm and sound system Hard-wired the school for Internet access

  •   Purchased a projector for Day School and PSR program use


  •   Funded youth activities

  •   Raised funds to assist paying medical expenses for a member suffering from bone cancer

If you want to learn more about becoming a member or want a no-obligation financial review, contact:

Charles J. Petit, LUTCF, CSA
Field Agent
Email: [email protected]                                                                               
Home Office
355 Shuman Boulevard, PO Box 3012, Naperville, IL  60566-7012
Phone: 800-522-0145/TTY800-617-4176