Dear Parish Family and Visitors,

Following Diocesan guidelines, parish churches are limited to 50% capacity, and for us, that means 175(Pews are designated with tape). As Christmas aproaches, we urge the following...

1. Participate in Mass on Television. We have free worship bookds for you in the vestibule of the Church. take as many as you wish. They are yours to keep and they go all the way to Ash Wednesday.

2. Having consulted with the Bishop's office, if the number of people exceeds the 50% capacity, Ushers may reguest that you stand in the vestibule or attend another Liturgy. (We will have 4:00pm, 7:00pm and 10:00pm on Christmas Eve and 10:00am on Christmas Day.)

3. The 4:00 "Family Mass..." This year, we suggest you NOT bring young children...They are now among the most vunerable for the virus(Consider the situation in the schools). Stay home and enjoy Christmas Eve together.

4. Communion on the tongue...While it is THE RIGHT of anyone to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, Diocesan protocal mandates that the Eucharistic Minister, Deacon or Priest MUST sanitize his/her hand after giving Communion on the tongue. It is HIGHLY encouraged that we receive Communion in the hand.

5. A PERSONAL THOUGHT... I have several Jewish friends, and when we would go out for a meal, or they would come to my house, I would always order or prepare only Kosher foods. Yes, I had MY RIGHT  to enjoy shrimp cocktail, scallops or a pork chop, but out of respect for my friends, I was glad to give up "MY RIGHT" on their behalf: not a big deal. A small sacrifice for a greater good is an act of charity for others, and isn't that part of what being a Christian and celebrating Christmas is all about?

6. This Holiday Season is different, but we can make it a good one for everyone!

Blessings, Fr. Rob

Parish Mission Statement

The mission of Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church is none other than the mission of Christ. By our baptism we are made an extension of His Incarnation. We are His eyes, His hands, His feet, His Mystical Body on earth. We share Jesus' mission of holiness, prayer, and service that leads all to salvation.





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